Friday, 25 November 2011

I suppose this is kind of ranting...?

 I spotted this mini teletubbie land-ish type Moss (I think it's moss yeah?) When I had to go out photographing things for college yesterday, and it was the coolest thing ever!
I'm really happy with how this came out actually and has definitely made me think more about how wider apertures relate to how much DOF is created. I feel like a complete idiot though because this has been something I've never really thought about, and I'm literally learning how everything relates to each other, shutter speed etc, and how to sort it out on my camera, almost 3 years into having it...? I've never been really technical though and the D40 is just stupidly confusing when it comes to manually changing everything. The funny thing is that it's all done absent-mindedly which is how I've created the photos that I do, but now I'm going to try and think about how my settings will affect the final image etc and keep it in my conciousness instead of hastily photographing something with no thought into it.

Or not. The technical side really does not interest me, as Tim Walker said in an Article by Charlotte Sinclair (2008, featured on his website) "All the light-metering, the precision... it's such a fleeting moment you're trying to capture, it gets in the way." Which is exactly how I feel! I'm always so excited to photograph my subjects, that I always forget about the technical and just twiddle about with the dial until it looks right. This may horrify many photographers, but to me, having to remember all of the technical side almost completely supresses my creativity and my head hurts when people start questioning or talking to me about the technical!

I think this is enough confusing ranting/reasons why I shouldn't have to be technical which is partly spurred on
by someone in my class who decided to take it way too far after finding out that I had no idea where to change the shutter speed on my camera yesterday. (Like I said the Nikon D40 is terrible for changing settings, they can't just have a simple 1/125 etc symbol, no it has to be 8,10,25 blahblah and it is stupid.)
Also if this doesn't all fit together then I'm sorry, I haven't re-read the first part because I want to go back to reading Hunger Magazine... (which happens to have a small photo of mine in ;3)

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