Wednesday, 14 December 2011


 On Saturday I shot with the lovely Charli Butterfield (amaaaaaazing MUA) and my gorgeous model Isobel, who believe it or not is only 15! I must be crazy to be doing location shoots in the winter, and we were all freezing by the end of it and took to warming up on the erm... wonderful food in KFC. Luckily during the shoot I managed to gain permission from a local tattoo-ist to have Isobel get changed in one of the booths which was extremely kind of them, and I feel terrible that I haven't managed to re-pay them yet.

In true location fashion, the make-up was done on an ever so stylish and professional... bench! They both seemed fine with it though, which I'm super glad about as I was worrying about having nowhere to prepare.
This shoot was originally planned to be for my college project, however due to me not taking my models size in account compared to my idea, I was unable to shoot anything. BUT I still produced an amazing shoot from it and I'm really happy with the final images! I do however feel that I could have gone further with it and may take another look through the photos because It seems like something's missing, but that's just my personal opinion, so I would love to hear other peoples thoughts! I am also so grateful to Charli for helping out with the styling, and providing the AMAZING Sam Edelman bootie replicas (they have been my dream shoes for years), beetlejuice leggings and the beautiful black fur coat. I cannot wait to start collaborating with her on my future shoots! It's wonderful to find a make-up artist that I can really connect with and share similar ideas with.

EQUIPMENT: Canon EOS 450D with 18-55mm lens 

My website's currently down, so you can also view these on flickr!