Saturday, 22 October 2011

Rhea Clements

I recently photographed some pieces for Rhea Clements Designs, Rhea is a wonderful Knitwear designer and
it was such a pleasure to photograph her work! The main editorial-style shoot was actually for a project at college however I figured I could kill two birds with one stone by using her pieces in the shoot which you can see down at the bottom. She also asked for some abstract shots which slightly puzzled me and It took me a while longer to do these, I don't have a clue why because it was really easy for me to do and it was actually really fun playing with manual focus and doing some really close-up shots!
You can find more of Rhea's work at her facebook page and website, so please check them out! 

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Lakeside Bliss

This is again the MILLIONTH blog I've made but hopefully my final one!
I wanted somewhere to combine my photography and just random posts but my other blog got too messy
so I'm starting again. It's called 'Erm...?' because I am absolutely terrible at naming things haha!

So I guess I'll start with a photography post then since I've got a lot of new work recently.
Yesterday (Wednesday 19th) I shot with my lovely/slightly crazy friend Bliss who I hadn't seen for more than a year eek! The last time I saw her actually was when we went to Prom in 2010... Anyway she asked me a week ago If I could shoot a few things she'd made for her Fashion course/project at college, and of course I said yes! It was a bit of mad day hanging around a really pretty lake, and watching her try to walk up a steep muddy hill in Lita boots ha! It was one of the most hilarious and fab' things I've ever seen, it would've made a great advert for Jeffrey Campbell. Here are a few photos from the day...

Also being the comical genius that I am, I named the set 'Lakeside Bliss' (try not laugh too hard...)

Lakeside Bliss
Lakeside Bliss