Wednesday, 14 December 2011


 On Saturday I shot with the lovely Charli Butterfield (amaaaaaazing MUA) and my gorgeous model Isobel, who believe it or not is only 15! I must be crazy to be doing location shoots in the winter, and we were all freezing by the end of it and took to warming up on the erm... wonderful food in KFC. Luckily during the shoot I managed to gain permission from a local tattoo-ist to have Isobel get changed in one of the booths which was extremely kind of them, and I feel terrible that I haven't managed to re-pay them yet.

In true location fashion, the make-up was done on an ever so stylish and professional... bench! They both seemed fine with it though, which I'm super glad about as I was worrying about having nowhere to prepare.
This shoot was originally planned to be for my college project, however due to me not taking my models size in account compared to my idea, I was unable to shoot anything. BUT I still produced an amazing shoot from it and I'm really happy with the final images! I do however feel that I could have gone further with it and may take another look through the photos because It seems like something's missing, but that's just my personal opinion, so I would love to hear other peoples thoughts! I am also so grateful to Charli for helping out with the styling, and providing the AMAZING Sam Edelman bootie replicas (they have been my dream shoes for years), beetlejuice leggings and the beautiful black fur coat. I cannot wait to start collaborating with her on my future shoots! It's wonderful to find a make-up artist that I can really connect with and share similar ideas with.

EQUIPMENT: Canon EOS 450D with 18-55mm lens 

My website's currently down, so you can also view these on flickr!

Friday, 25 November 2011

I suppose this is kind of ranting...?

 I spotted this mini teletubbie land-ish type Moss (I think it's moss yeah?) When I had to go out photographing things for college yesterday, and it was the coolest thing ever!
I'm really happy with how this came out actually and has definitely made me think more about how wider apertures relate to how much DOF is created. I feel like a complete idiot though because this has been something I've never really thought about, and I'm literally learning how everything relates to each other, shutter speed etc, and how to sort it out on my camera, almost 3 years into having it...? I've never been really technical though and the D40 is just stupidly confusing when it comes to manually changing everything. The funny thing is that it's all done absent-mindedly which is how I've created the photos that I do, but now I'm going to try and think about how my settings will affect the final image etc and keep it in my conciousness instead of hastily photographing something with no thought into it.

Or not. The technical side really does not interest me, as Tim Walker said in an Article by Charlotte Sinclair (2008, featured on his website) "All the light-metering, the precision... it's such a fleeting moment you're trying to capture, it gets in the way." Which is exactly how I feel! I'm always so excited to photograph my subjects, that I always forget about the technical and just twiddle about with the dial until it looks right. This may horrify many photographers, but to me, having to remember all of the technical side almost completely supresses my creativity and my head hurts when people start questioning or talking to me about the technical!

I think this is enough confusing ranting/reasons why I shouldn't have to be technical which is partly spurred on
by someone in my class who decided to take it way too far after finding out that I had no idea where to change the shutter speed on my camera yesterday. (Like I said the Nikon D40 is terrible for changing settings, they can't just have a simple 1/125 etc symbol, no it has to be 8,10,25 blahblah and it is stupid.)
Also if this doesn't all fit together then I'm sorry, I haven't re-read the first part because I want to go back to reading Hunger Magazine... (which happens to have a small photo of mine in ;3)

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Its All Too Beautiful Autumn 2011

It'sAll TooBeautiful Autumn/11 Preview
I am currently one of the main photographers for the new 'Its All Too Beautiful' boutique which is now featured on Asos Marketplace! I was asked by one of the owners, Aysha (who also styled the whole shoot, and is an fab stylist in general), to shoot their Autumn collection after shooting some of their pieces a few months ago. These were actually set in a woodland area just a few minutes from her house and it was such a beautiful place to shoot in! I used my Nikon D40 with 50-200mm lens, I had a slight bit of trouble throughout the day as the sun kept going in and out, and odd shadows were cast across some of the pieces, other than that the light was pretty much perfect. The model, Rebecca, was amazing to work with and her look really worked well with the styling and knew exactly what to do and didn't require too much direction, which is something I look for in everyone I work with... simply because I suck at directing people haha!
This may be one of my favourite shoots to date, and I'm really happy with the results!

So I hope you like our Autumn'y shoot, I have included a few images below but they will mostly be on my facebook page and It's All Too Beautiful's ASOS Marketplace page. Also look out for a feature on them in the December issue of VÉCU magazine, along with my photos!


Saturday, 22 October 2011

Rhea Clements

I recently photographed some pieces for Rhea Clements Designs, Rhea is a wonderful Knitwear designer and
it was such a pleasure to photograph her work! The main editorial-style shoot was actually for a project at college however I figured I could kill two birds with one stone by using her pieces in the shoot which you can see down at the bottom. She also asked for some abstract shots which slightly puzzled me and It took me a while longer to do these, I don't have a clue why because it was really easy for me to do and it was actually really fun playing with manual focus and doing some really close-up shots!
You can find more of Rhea's work at her facebook page and website, so please check them out! 

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Lakeside Bliss

This is again the MILLIONTH blog I've made but hopefully my final one!
I wanted somewhere to combine my photography and just random posts but my other blog got too messy
so I'm starting again. It's called 'Erm...?' because I am absolutely terrible at naming things haha!

So I guess I'll start with a photography post then since I've got a lot of new work recently.
Yesterday (Wednesday 19th) I shot with my lovely/slightly crazy friend Bliss who I hadn't seen for more than a year eek! The last time I saw her actually was when we went to Prom in 2010... Anyway she asked me a week ago If I could shoot a few things she'd made for her Fashion course/project at college, and of course I said yes! It was a bit of mad day hanging around a really pretty lake, and watching her try to walk up a steep muddy hill in Lita boots ha! It was one of the most hilarious and fab' things I've ever seen, it would've made a great advert for Jeffrey Campbell. Here are a few photos from the day...

Also being the comical genius that I am, I named the set 'Lakeside Bliss' (try not laugh too hard...)

Lakeside Bliss
Lakeside Bliss