Thursday, 20 October 2011

Lakeside Bliss

This is again the MILLIONTH blog I've made but hopefully my final one!
I wanted somewhere to combine my photography and just random posts but my other blog got too messy
so I'm starting again. It's called 'Erm...?' because I am absolutely terrible at naming things haha!

So I guess I'll start with a photography post then since I've got a lot of new work recently.
Yesterday (Wednesday 19th) I shot with my lovely/slightly crazy friend Bliss who I hadn't seen for more than a year eek! The last time I saw her actually was when we went to Prom in 2010... Anyway she asked me a week ago If I could shoot a few things she'd made for her Fashion course/project at college, and of course I said yes! It was a bit of mad day hanging around a really pretty lake, and watching her try to walk up a steep muddy hill in Lita boots ha! It was one of the most hilarious and fab' things I've ever seen, it would've made a great advert for Jeffrey Campbell. Here are a few photos from the day...

Also being the comical genius that I am, I named the set 'Lakeside Bliss' (try not laugh too hard...)

Lakeside Bliss
Lakeside Bliss

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  1. These are such gorgeous photographs! The lighting and colors are all really great. you are amazing <3